“How the hell do you make a hamburger look pretty? By learning everything I possibly can about it first. That upfront time being curious helps me to actually make my subject come alive. To capture the essence of a thing by knowing it inside and out so the viewer senses, on all levels, what they are technically only experiencing with their eyes – but through my eyes.” Joe Lavine

Since 1990 Joe Lavine has been mastering the art of food and beverage photography. From start to finish the work and level of detail speak for themselves, but expect to be pleasantly surprised by his lighthearted ability to take the stress out of getting there. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, you might even have fun!


General Mills, Pillsbury, Yoplait Yogurt, JBS Swift, Pilgrim’s, Atkins, High Plains Bison, Coleman Foods, Betty Crocker, Nature Valley, Green Giant, Leprino Foods, Rock Bottom Restaurants, Coors, Blue Moon Beer, Gunther Toody’s, Rudi’s Organic Breads, Peaberry Coffee, Log and Timber Magazine, Pfizer, IBM, Thompson Healthcare, Tyco, Wells Fargo Bank, Time Warner Telecom, Qwest, Delicious Living Magazine, Natural Homes Magazine, Ruby River Restaurants, Hunter Douglas.